Lokum has known in Anatolia since the 15th century and spread within the borders of the Ottoman Empire, especially in the 17th century. In the Ottoman Empire, Turkish delight, called as "rahat-ül hulkum" (throat relaxing), began to be recognized in Europe in the 19th century under the name 'Turkish Delight' through a British traveler. Earlier, which was known as 'Kelle sugar' in the 19th century, has has been made with honey or molasses and flour mixture. Thanks to the fact that refined sugar, especially starch, is found and brought to the country, it has reached today's taste and formula.      


Meşhur Safranbolu Lokumcusu has never changed its quality of production, continued to manufacture the Turkish delight in Safranbolu style and became a boutique brand in the process. All our products are produced with natural and fresh nuts, dried fruits, natural flavors and only naturally obtained food colorants are used. There are absolutely no chemical or synthetic thickeners, preservatives, flavor increasing aromas, glucose/corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring substances in any of its products.


The daily production capacity of the company is 2,000 kg and the production facility realizes with a closed area of 1000 m2.


The company produces its products in accordance with all food production standards and continues its activities with an innovative approach. The company, which has 4 retail stores in Istanbul, has expanded its sales activities in its stores until 2013 and since then has established a corporate sales team to meet the Turkish Delight requirements of corporate firms. And now the company is co-operating with several corporate companies in several sectors such as banking, construction, tourism, bakeries etc. which each of them are very valuable corporate brands in their category. Since 2014, the company has begun to export its products to many countries, especially the Middle East.


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